Alter Egos

I’ve been chatting online and using groups for a long time, over ten years and I’m  always surprised by the way people react online. There is a lot of people who  believe that there are no consequences of their actions just because it is out there in Cyber Space. They say the most amazing and in some instances the worst
things that a human can say and there is no comeback. If someone actually turns and says to them that is out of line they get shouted down and the words “freedom of speech”  are bandied about as a bat to hit them until they give up or just go away.

So where is the line drawn? How many people actually care about what they put out there on the net? From what I’ve seen very few!  The worst place I’ve ever encountered this was on a forum that was associated with learning. I couldn’t believe that people could be so childish  or just plain mean, along with disrespectful and aggressive. All the worst of  human qualities came across and I would sit back and think why? What is it  about the anonymity of the Internet that makes people think they don’t have to  follow the rules of common decency? What can they hope to gain from it?

Post and be Damned!

I look at everything I  put down before I hit the submit button. I like to use correct grammar and
spelling (not always possible as I can’t spell!), and even attempt to use correct punctuation. Aside  from multiples of exclamation or question marks that I seem to use when I am at  my most sarcastic. But it is so easy to be misunderstood, to be taken the wrong way. Sometimes people do it delibrately to cause frition or arguments, and all it does is make me think how sad people must be that this is their contact with other humans, this combative missive they fire off and sit back waiting for the negative attention that their words get back at them. How sad is that?

Mark it as Spam!

I don’t know why but I will click that button that marks a post as spam. I do this if there is a lot of swearing in the post. I’ve said I don’t know why but the truth is I’ve seen what my young nephew looks at on the internet, most of it is perfectly innocent but people come along and feel the need to add a variety of curses to their comment. I don’t want him to think that is acceptable. He’s not an innocent squib, with older teenaged brothers but he should be allowed a childhood in this era when the time you are a child is so limited don’t you think?

Fav Fashion Item: The Maxi skirt…

Drink: Black Coffee

Interesting Fact:  A polar bear’s skin is black. Its fur is not white, but actually clear.



One thought on “Alter Egos

  1. Pretty tough to protect true innocence anymore, and I think fewer and fewer people think it’s worthwhile to try. I was disgusted about the recent news story about the company making and advertising lingerie for 4 year-old girls. And, on the subject of crass behavior in chat sessions, I have found it most difficult to walk away when attacked and have responded with things I’m not proud of. Funny thing about anonymity though…can’t be anonymous to myself.

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