Staying in touch

We often go on about how we are going to stay in touch, not be strangers etc, but how many of us keep those promises. With the advent of socail media it seems to be easier to talk and catch up but what about face to face? I’ve always mantained that I’m sort of friend that you might not see for ages but when you did it would be just like old times, just like the intervening period hadn’t happened. But I ask myself if this is true? Is it not just a question that I’m just too into my own life to make the effort to stay in touch?

I often think of my life as “standing still”. Right now, I don’t work, I’m still in the same house that I moved into in 2001 and I’m still writing. I listen to the same kind of “pop” music and watch the same type of films and tv. I’m not a social butterfly that goes out and does things all the time and I avoid watching the news so I rarely talk about current affairs. So when I do talk to someone, online, via text ot phone, and sometimes in person what do I actually say to them that isn’t completely boring?

And yet there must be something, I’m still in touch with my neighbour from when I moved into the village in ’94.  I’m in touch with old school friends. My facebook friends list is filled with people from where I worked and the forums I was a member of on MSN and those old school friends, that tracked me down. Plus all the new friends that I’ve made.

The most important thing that I’ve discovered is the need to stop thinking about what I haven’t done and focus on what I have done, what I have acheived. How many of us are in conversation with someone and we mentally catalogue everything and compare it with what we’ve done ourselves. It is this that has held me back from meeting up with people in the past. But no longer. I am who I am and I’ve done a lot, maybe not as much as I expected but hey, I’m sure everyone thinks the same at some point.

This blog is dedicated to all the people in my life right now that have “stayed in touch” and most importantly, Dylan, Michelle and Madeline.  With you guys around it reminds me that my school days weren’t so bad after all.


One thought on “Staying in touch

  1. Very liberating and worthwhile and difficult goal to stop comparing ourselves with others, and celebrate our own journey. Love this article, Teresa.

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