The Birth of Rola

A few years ago I came across a character Roman Harris from the Australian soap Home and Away. I knew that I wanted to write a story about him.  I came up with the idea of giving him someone from his past who would change his life and came up with the idea of Ella. The first story I wrote was 17 chapters and I was amazed at actually writing that amount because for the first time in ages  I was actually writing.

For years I had been writing poetry and getting that published. You can tell a story in a poem with fewer lines and your language is more descriptive and expressive. Poetry has a freedom about it that there isn’t with a story. You can go anywhere in a poem but a story has characters and you put them in situations that you then have to get them out of in a believable way.

Moving on, I received some comments that people didn’t like the ending of the first story. I’d left it open and vague congratulating myself on all I’d written. It’s wasn’t long before the next story came to life and I was writing that.  From there came a prequel, telling how the characters of Roman Harris and Ella Addison met. For anybody not familiar with “fandom” of a particular couple the names of the two are usually combined in some way and here you have the RO from Roman and the LA from Ella coming together to make ROLA.

Then another idea came into my head and I wrote another story. This involved things I’ve never written before and a complex subplot.  I pushed the boundaries of what I could write and found that I enjoyed the pure freedom of getting the plot on paper. It is this story I’m editing and changing to become a novel.  I’ve had people outside the fandom of the soap read it and give me feedback and I know that it’s a good story. I just have to work on it and make it great.

People still wanted more despite the four stories now written and published on the website. So more plots  were  thought off and more stories penned and published. These were full of angst and drama and twists. I pushed the characters through everything I could think off and still people wanted more. Some of the earlier readers drifted away and I got new fans.

The plan is for three more stories after the latest one, Missing Heart has finished, and after that who knows. Currently all the stories combined contain over 1 million words.

For anybody who wants to look at my stories they are on the website Back to the Bay, a fansite for Home and Away. Links to the stories are on my profile page which you can get too by clicking on the link below:


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