The Birthday!

It rolls around once a year, whether you want it too or not. For some people it is just a reminder of your ever increasing race to the impending doom of your demise and for others it’s the excuse to celebrate and enjoy, to get presents and have fun and to be made a fuss off.

As my birthday is in August I was one of those kids that was either not invited to parties because I wouldn’t have one to invite them back  in return or if I did think about having a party most of my friends would be on holiday.

It is not that much different now I’m an adult (alledgedly), gathering everyone together in the same place at the same time can be tricky at the best of times. Three of my close friends also have birthdays in August with another two of them having birthdays in July, so they are usually off doing thier own thing anyway. But this year I’m making a real effort to get people together, I’ve booked the table and sent out invites. It just so happens that the Peterborough Beer Festival is on at the same time so I’ve arranged to go to that too.

Then on top of all this… my friends took me out to dinner to a pub in the country that has a Spanish menu, where we had Tapas. Each little dish shared between us. On top of that they gave me an expensive bouquet of flowers. I felt thoroughly spoiled.

Special mention has to go to my wonderful nephew, he bought me a beautiful candle, knowing that I love them and a coaster for my coffee cup with ‘Auntie’ on. I know that when it comes to presents I will open them and you can tell immediately that I hate something from the look on my face, and the thought going through my mind as I ripped through the pretty pink paper was that I was going to love it no matter what because I just didn’t want to upset my nephew. Luckily it was an amazing gift, my acting skills weren’t required!

The other special mention has to go to my friend “Steve” and his amazing birthday card!!

So anyway, I don’t get a hundred presents or cards but it’s not that which really counts is it? It’s the people who go out of their way to so something special. The ones who remember, who care. So yeah, I like to celebrate my birthday and I like to have my friends around not just to get presents but to make memories.

Current song: Happy Birthday (of course!)

Current colour: Black

Interesting fact: Harrison Ford has a species of spider named after him!



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