The weather report according to my cats


Mystic – black, stroppy, hates humans and other cats and pretty much everything else <emo cat>

Orlando – black fluffy, loves next doors fish pond and being cuddled like a teddy bear

K – black scatty, loves fallling off things, tables, chairs, the floor,

Piglet- Grey cute annoying, loves chicken, settles for ham, and taught Orlando how to play with next door’s fishes.

Jake – tabby, top cat, loves sleeping, and sleeping. Biggest mistake was telling Piglet to make sure Orlando slept with the fishes… never trust a minnion who purrs for chicken…



How to tell what the weather is doing:

Mystic in, raining, Orlando out, raining, Piglet in your bed, raining, K falling off something raining. Jake asleep in the house raining.

Mystic out, sunny. Orlando in, sunny. K falling off something sunny, Jake asleep in the garden sunny.  Piglet by the fridge, tescos grocery order has arrived.

Orlando out, snowing.  Jake in my bed snowing. Piglet under the covers snowing. Mystic on my pillow snowing. K falling off something snowing.



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