The Poetry Society

Years ago when I was a struggling poet I was writing off to all these magazines (yes people, it was before the Internet!) and offereing them my porely typed scribbles to recieve back the instruction to join the Poetry Society and learn about Poetry. Little did they appreciate that I wasn’t so much a starving artist as an on-the-dole refugee who was retaking my GCSE’s to make something of myself, (they wanted qualifications they were going to get qualifications goddannit!) who had to save up to put postage on my hopeful envelopes.

Still there was one publisher who gave me light at the end of the tunnel and also 46 opportunities to get published, which of course I accepted.  (You’ll find a full list of my poetry here:  ) and went on my weary way to get a job (after adding an NVQ  to my qualifications).

So here we are now, ten years on, the job disappeared somewhere in the southwest, but gave me the chance to spend a year working on my writing and so with some tripidation I signed up for Poetry Society membership.  My little card came through today with the first copy of the poetry review and a nice letter telling me what my benefits are of being a member.  Is it going to help me get published? There are no guarentees but idealisticaly it’s going to give me the confidence to get my work out there again. To be seen.

So that is my blog for today. It’s interesting to know that I will look back on some of these posts in a years time and think  “woah I was excited about that?”, when there is a whole world out that that I could be doing things that are much more exciting and life altering. But well, thinking about it, aren’t the little things as much about changing and growing as the big things?  My poetry itself is about growth. Personal, spiritual, emotional growth. About finding who I am and being happy with that. An exploration of my soul.

I’ve adapted it to fit in with publishers themes and magazines and competitions but at the end of the day I always know that there is a part of me inside each poem. Perhaps, that is why the past few years the poems have dried up and the longer stories have evolved into life because I have more to say or less to find out about myself.

So now I’m thinking great, I started off being all hyper about getting my membership card through and now I’m all introspective and thinking of the things I haven’t acheived in my life. Must be time to write some poetry and take advantage of these feelings….

So that leaves….

Current Mood:  EMO

Current Drink: Coffee, black of course, and slightly bitter, unaware of it’s strength….

Interesting Fact: Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.


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