Roman and Ella – The Lost Letter – Fan Fiction Net

Roman Harris kept his past to himself. He was a quiet man, who’d struggled and in some instances still struggled to come to terms with his past and the things he’d done. One of those moments he wished he could change was when one of his best friends was killed.  Not because the loss of his friend wasn’t bad enough, no, because it meant that the love of his life disappeared too.  She was his friend’s sister so of course he couldn’t blame her for leaving him.  How could she love him when he’d all but got her brother killed?

Now years later a letter arrives. It is addressed to him and he knows he should open it but the thing is, her handwriting is on the envelope and if he opens it then what will happen next? How will he cope if she professes she hates him? The memory of her still haunts him and he’s never really settled down with anyone because they never truly measure up.  So does he take the chance and get in touch with her or does he put her and her memory in the past where it’s safer for his heart?

Before he can decide to open it the letter is once more lost and he curses another missed opportunity except that instead of chasing her down he finds her on his doorstep, and she tells him about her son.  A boy called Roman.

The Lost Letter Chapter 1, a home.

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