Blog bothers.

I hope it doesn’t become too much of a regular thing this column, but I’d like to take a little while to go over what is infuriating me at this moment in time.  Well, when I say this moment in time I don’t really mean right now, but… generally what is getting on my nerves.

OK, as this is blog no.1 I have to start with Chronic Pain.

To all sufferers my sympathies go out to you.  Or to any sufferers of any illness that makes such dramatic changes to life, but for me… pain, it sucks.  How can it be that as simple a task as doing a small amount of hoovering and popping to the shops is too much for one day’s activities?  It shouldn’t take 14 days to get over a 10 day holiday and it shouldn’t take 10 days to do 4 or 5 days’ worth of stuff.  But it does.  And that, unfortunately, is only the beginning.

It’s unfair, I can say, that I suffer with chronic pain.  It is unfair that a great many of my friends suffer with chronic pain.  However… sometimes, things do turn out for the best and there are little glimpses of a better existence in the smallest activities.  Through chronic pain I have met a great group of people, and several of them are responsible for me continuing to write.  At a point when I had almost given up there came hope, which lead to furthering education and becoming published and further friendships and this blog.

So… my biggest gripe with chronic pain is not that I haven’t been able to work for several years, nor is it the disappointing bank balance that gets sent once a month.  No… my problem with chronic pain is the fact that Gemma is in pain, that is not fair.  And that’s the end of this moan and now on this, for now, I’ll say no more.


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