Haiku for you.

Cheesy title, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Ever since the beginning of the A215 course I have been almost constantly (I’m very forgetful) writing down Haiku’s and I really enjoy this incredibly simply structured poetry and here are a few here now.  I haven’t exactly looked through them.  I can’t even remember most of them, but… this blog keeps expanding and I’ve got to put something in it.  I was writing Haiku’s as my Facebook status for a while, but I stopped and couldn’t – until recently – start again.

Tonight I have work

Very hard and no pay

It’s not at all fair


Well not really work

Hours sat at keyboard, typing

Still, I don’t get paid


Southern Comfort glass

Reflects inside messy room

I’m going to clean


Hot water bottle

Pressed up against my face

To soothe all my pains


‘Woke up this morning’

Was feeling so mad, so I

‘Got myself a gun’


Have a nasty cold

Blowing bubbles from my nose

Tissues running low


So much work to do

I can’t get motivated

Should get off Facebook


Many words written

Many daily goals achieved

Many for later


I cut my finger

Cleaning glass, it’s really deep

There’s a hole in it



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