End of the year.

So little time left of Christmas. A whole year waiting, even, sometimes, un-enthusiastically and in the end over so quick. All the ideals set inside my head weren’t quite reached. We tried, but, as always, the expectation was much greater. Christmas is supposed to be magical. There aren’t supposed to be arguments and chores.

Life is the same because people are the same. The same attitudes, foibles, humours, mannerisms and annoying habits. None worse than me. I try to blame the pain and the dizziness but the truth is I’m a grumpy sod and I strive for perfection at Christmas – like it is on TV – and undoubtedly fail.

That is not to say I didn’t have a wonderful Christmas… I did. The love of family is amazing and getting together to have a laugh and toast a happy Christmas is great, but I have found an almost bliss playing with and stroking pets, it seems to relax me and help with the pain. I love my cat, but he is antisocial and a coward, so when he returns to us after his Christmas break at Auntie Peggy’s, he will shy away and not want to be stroked, shown affection. Jack -Mum and Dad’s dog – is a big teddy who lays in your arms, for hours and hours. Totally insane and so, so friendly. Bastian is a cuddly battering ram. Wherever you sit he is sure to destroy you, but he’s a great dog.

What else has been great this Christmas? So much, how much do you want to know? Well..

An absolutely fabulous number of presents. New stuff for the kitchen – pasta bowls, pizza stone, soup bowls. New clothes – trainers, t-shirts, zip hoodie, hat, slippers. An Amarylis (potted) a model kit, really great stuff, and me and Gemma did fill your own crackers for everyone. There were some great silly gifts for all, rubber ducks, wooden puzzles. Gemma put a Monty Python hat pin in mine.

The pictures taken this Christmas were great, Gemma is going to frame a couple. From Malc doing his ‘Bad Santa/Grinch’ impression in his Onesie, to all of us sat in a Hot-tub on Boxing Day. We all were hoping for snow so we could sit in the tub at 40 degrees with snowflakes falling.

I’ve eaten my fill of cake and sweets and smoked Salmon, Lobster, Steak, Turkey, stuffing balls, Brussel Sprouts etc. More delights in food and drink than we can imagine at home. The food has been sensational.

A bit of sale shopping and Gemma has a larger wardrobe. It’s great when she can get new stuff, ooo I forgot… we got a load of bed sheets as a pressie as well.

Had a lovely coffee or two with friends who have given more than a couple of surprises for the coming year. Moving to a new town and a very special occasion happening towards the end of the year on the other side of the world – Gemma was really excited.

Anneliese, my Niece/Goddaughter loved the Christmas story I wrote and now it has now become a Christmas tradition to read my stories on Christmas Eve. For years to come I’ll have to write her and her unborn sister a story or two. I already have an idea for next years story, which is more than I can say for my OU course. My only published piece, my poem, received a lot of praise over Christmas, often embarrassing.

Christmas is great as we get to see family and friends that we don’t see living on the island. Next year, however, we are staying at home – less hassle, less pain.

And what of the New Year? After watching Alan Carr and guests drunkenly shock the nation and fireworks blasting out of Big Ben, I say ‘what now?’ 2012… I will pass every TMA and EMA and qualify for year three of a degree – Children’s Literature. Both myself and Gemma will see a lot more doctors to make life more bearable. There will be MRI’s and specialists appointments. The jewellery is going to get bigger and better, more and more to sell and we’ll take part in a few more craft fairs. Maybe we’ll decorate one or two rooms in the flat. We will definitely extend our contract. I’m going to keep writing this blog so I can keep writing and not lose track and stop. More poems and stories. I had a poem published in 2011, 2012 must be a short story. And, I’d really like to be paid for a piece of writing. It has been so long since I’ve received moneys for work – excluding the jewellery, which is Gemma’s doing. It looks like there is going to be one or two trips abroad this year, yay. I’ve got my passport ready, bring it on. I’m going to get organized. All paperwork, appointments, MOT etc, is to be filed neatly.

That’s all I can think of. I just want to say Happy New Year and I’ll keep the information coming, to bore all one of you. Thank you for reading fan.

That’s all I can think of. I just want to say Happy New Year and I’ll keep the information coming, to bore all one of you. Thank you for reading fan.


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