So Happy New Year and All That…

So here we are 2012… and I’ve written what??

Well aside from a chapter of my vampire story and a Script for my OU course… nothing..  It’s not that I don’t want to write.. it’s more that I’ve got so much to write.. so many stories in my head that I can’t focus on one.

I have Rola, my Fan Fiction series.. three stories on the go simultaneously and two more in my head… then there is Dante, my wonderful Dante. He is a vampire with a problem. He falls in love with the innocent Beth and then his troubles start.

So what is my writing style? What is my voice?

I like things simple. I like to read something, enjoy it and know that I’ll read it again and that’s how I write. I want you the reader to enjoy it, and to come back and read it again. I like plot twists and surprises and leaving little hints and clues about what is coming up, but keeping them subtle enough so that the reader sits back and goes ” never saw that coming” and as the drama unfolds realises that it all ties in … Read my Rola stories and you’ll see what I mean..

So anyway, this year I will write more.. send it off to everybody.. and  get something published.  I’m going to get out there and do more.. write more… and not be afraid.  Fear is a killer. It makes us search corners for spider shaped objects even when we know there aren’t any there… it makes us invent reasons not to do something.. like not send my novel to the publishers, not send off those short stories to magazines, not to push my poetry out there.. well to borrow a phrase from a dear friend of mine.. I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway..  Look out world because my work is coming…

As an aside I notice that that Gray person has been in here again..  Should I electrify this blog or are you enjoying his dry wit and tongue in cheek comments.. let me know..


Drink of the moment: Clearing up the last of the Christmas booze…

Ringtone: Ring of Fire…

Interesting fact: There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange, purple and silver and now you are going off and looking in the dictionary…


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