The world of IT woes…

I’ve been hacked.

It hurt. For a full day I’ve had no access to my BT email account. It’s been similar to losing a limb.

I was actually in my email account when the hack got in and after going through the security protocol I then ran a scan on my laptop and checked my Malware.

See what I did there? I made it seem like I knew what I was doing!

It was  a system wide hack on Bt Yahoo. Many other posts on Facebook were about people not being able to retrieve contacts or emails but for me it was worse. I’d just applied for a load of jobs and sent out my CV, yeah with that email address.  It had all my publishing contacts in and they are gone. Not only gone, but they received an email from me begging for money.  Gone too were the links and emails I’d saved that had my billing details on for my utilities.  Not a problem? Well you try retrieving a password when it will send it to a defunct email account.

I picked myself up, got myself a new email address, resubmitted an edited CV to the various Websites and recruiters. I then went through the utilities and changed all my contacts and the various shopping websites I use.  I couldn’t get into EBAY so I created a new account. Then came all the online groups I use.

It took time and patience. And all because someone wanted to scam money.

That makes me a victim of crime.  Whilst I was sitting at my PC in my home.  And not just me, the three hundred or so people I have in my contacts. That makes me angry.  I can’t do anything about it. That makes me a victim and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Someone went into my emails, my personal emails. They invaded my privacy.  That hurts.  And there is nothing I can do about it. That hurts more.

So all the emails are gone, the ones I stored in my folders, all the carefully stored and kept messages from friends and contacts. I emailed the security people  but they have done nothing to help. Not even responded.  I took certain steps myself, got my contacts back at least.

So do we rely on technology too much?  Months ago I would have said yes, but that was before my microwave packed in. I’ve gone a couple of times to get a replacement and for one reason or another haven’t brought one back. Leaves me without the convenience of instant cooking. Now I plan my meals, I focus on the ingredients I buy and what I put in my shopping. No longer do I stock the fridge or freezer with a tonne of ready meals.  I’ve rediscovered that yeah, I like to cook, to invent recipes. And because of it I’ve renewed a jaded relationship with food.

And yesterday, I even made a cake with my nephew, something I really enjoyed doing. And I know that in part it is due to not having a microwave…  I’m sure that I’ll get a replacement sooner or later but for now it’s ok not to rely on another machine.  And maybe that is message we need to send ourselves, not to rely on the things around us, the TV’s, the  Laptops, the pc’s. The Internet. Although don’t turn that off just yet.. because I want you to keep reading my blog! 😉


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