Social Networking….

Who doesn’t use Social Networking?

I’ve had Facebook for years… like years and years.. before it was even that popular… and I never used to spend that much time in there… but then (bless him) my dad got FB and he uses it to talk to all us kids…

For those that don’t know.. and why would you… my parents moved to Spain over 20 years ago and then three years ago they finally got internet. My Dad is on dial up so for him it’s pretty expensive but seriously… he’s found friends from all periods in his life… when he was working and from when he was managing a local football team near where we used to live and then all of the new friends he’s made in the past few years. I guess for him he’s been isolated for a number of years, through communication issues (phones are expensive and the postal system troublesome) and he’s found this window into the world, and not just that but a real connection to the life he chose to leave behind when he emigrated.

So how has this affected me? I’m now a complete FB addict… I’m on it most of the time… playing games…. sharing pictures…. chatting…. making friends….. I’ve got actors, writers, fellow OU students, family and friends among the people in my friends list and I’ve even started my own Author’s page on there…

Feel free to add me: Teresa’s (aka Tele) Facebook 

And come along and give my Author Page a like: Author Page

From there add in the various things I’ve discovered from it. I’m a member of some fabulous groups. I’ve got an account on Pinerest.  Yeah, what’s that I hear you ask. Well it’s like having multiple memo boards and you can pin what you like on them People can follow you… and you can repin what others put up on their boards. Apart from filling in a few minutes (hours!) spare time its a way of sharing things. I’ve seen some interesting things on there that I would like to try out in my garden when I get the time. Like recycling and using a pallet as a garden planter, perfect for growing herbs or even lettuce and vegetables.

Add into that Tumblr, Goodreads, MSN, this blog, my forum, twitter, the various places I post my stories, my virtual self seems to have a more active social life than my actual self. Where does this end? When do we draw the line between what details we let out there and the details we keep to ourselves to be shared with family and friends?  Are we opening ourselves too much?

Then there is the other side of it. Every time I see someone put “your” instead of the correct “you’re” I want to post a comment and correct them. I’m not perfect myself but it can’t hurt to spend two more seconds to type the correct word can it?  Then there are people who don’t use punctuation, or use ‘text speak’. In the age of the competitive job market it  is a sure bet that a potential boss has checked you out online and here you are coming across as  illiterate. The old “but everyone does it” excuse seems weak. I’m sure if everyone were to jump off a cliff you wouldn’t be following them would you?  And please…. don’t get me started on swearing…. how lazy are you if the only words you can think of are  those?

And for heavens sake… it’s a social site… I don’t want to read posts about how dumb your ex is…  or… copious swearwords… or any number of things that should really be kept private.  There should be extra buttons on Facebook posts… “wash your mouth out”… “You’re going to be embarrassed by this post in a years time” and “this is stuff only your doctor needs to know on your next check-up”.

Current project:  Operation Garden clearout…. maybe I need to call in an airstrike and have them drop a load of Napalm…

Current mood: Sunny like the weather….

Interesting Fact:  The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump. (Which probably explains why they don’t play basketball)


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