So yet another crazy rant coming up, you can either get your tea (or hot chocolate for me please?!) and sit and read the ramblings of my weird brain or run away from this post. Its up to you but for those who are reading, beware cynicism waits.I have countless debates with people over the simple face of twitter. You see it’s a popular social networking tool which can revitalise people’s lives but at the same time, it is a mode of communication which can be beneficial depending on the primary reason it used for. I am not claiming to be anti-twitter because I use it myself whenever I feel like it, I don’t always use it as it is not my preferred social networking tool but I do like using it. However the news seems to be overrun with news of Twitter being used to abuse celebrities or even to joke about blowing up an airport. A simple joke can spiral into something much more serious than it is actually is. Everyone has different beliefs and views when it comes to bullying be it cyber or otherwise but I have seen with my own eyes, the abuse that some people are faced with on twitters and yet everyone I know who loves twitter merely dismisses it.

Lately I have started using Twitter more based on the fact that I am constantly debating its value, and one of my friends brought up a valid point; “How can you know what damage twitter does or doesn’t do if you don’t even use it?’. I took that to heart and decided that I needed to use it and reassess whether it is just my cynicism coming through or if it really is as pointless as I think it is. Hence why I have been using it for about 3 weeks lately, at the same level as my friends do, it got boring after a week but I carried on. I saw so many tweets about music and what they were eating which I guess is normal for them but weird for me. Why would anyone want to know exactly what you had? It’s not exactly riveting information and honestly who really gives a damn? If I wanted to know what you had to eat, I would ask!

Another thing that annoys me about Twitter is that if you are not part of a ‘following’ you are odd, well why the hell are you stuck to a screen all day talking about random and unnecessary crap, even the celebrities don’t do that so you just look completely daft. I like my computer time, its my free time to do whatever I want which is why I don’t tell people they shouldn’t do this or that, if you enjoy using twitter then feel free but there is one thing that really gets to me. When people start using twitter and pushing away their friends, they become distant and cold in some ways. Its like they have become a shadow of who they actually were, it is scary and painful to watch. All they care about is tweeting, its dangerous and frankly scares the hell out of me. I can’t understand why and then when I try to, I get attacked despite being completely reasonable. How does that work? Is that not bullying? It is just unprovoked especially when all you want is some answers to a question around a topic you really don’t get. If you are that much of an advocate of Twitter, then you should be happy to answer the questions instead of constantly attacking because someone doesn’t ‘get’ you.

I have to admit maybe I am just being cynical, nearly I talk to about it just rolls their eyes at me but I can’t shake the feeling that Twitter is damaging. I sound insane when I talk about it and there are only a few people I have actually got through to. Even then it is not a victory because it’s just my cynicism against a social networking tool. I am not naïve, I know for a fact that Twitter will have its user who use it for various different reason but that is no reason for me to like it, I just can’t see the point of using to broadcast my life to people. If I wanted people to know about my life, then I will tell them myself. This is just my view, I am pretty sure you will either agree or disagree and honestly I am not bothered if you agree or not, I am just putting my view out there. The rest of it is up to you.

Crazy lady signing off, till next time!


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