Remembrance Day 2012

Here is a poem I wrote a number of years ago. Thought it was perfect for today.

Summer of ‘39

She wore a dress of yellow

And her hair was full of curls

She stood out from amongst

All the other pretty girls

In an instant they fell in love

He chose to give her his heart

With their heads full of dreams

They promised to never part

They were married that summer

He gave her a band of gold

Whilst saying their sacred vows

Promising, together to grow old

Was their only request.

But this was the year of 1939

And many changes were to come

Soon he wore a uniform

And the war had begun

He went away so suddenly

She barely whispered goodbye

So when the telegram arrived

She did nothing but cry

His name is on a memorial

Amongst too many of the brave

Sharing the same fate

But lying in a lonely grave

She told this story every night

To the son he never knew

And when he became a man

He would tell the story too

She wore a dress of yellow

And he a uniform of khaki green

Together they rest in peace

Ghosts never to be seen.


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