Fan Fiction

Many people ask what is ‘Fan Fiction’ and the answer is simple. a person writes a story generally based on a TV show, film, (or other) involving characters from said show, film etc.  Have you ever watched something and been really disappointed by the way the show or film ended? Have you ever thought that they’ve changed the characters and you know they wouldn’t act like that? Or say that? Or do that? Fan Fiction allows you to write how you think the story should go.

My Fan Fic is about a character from the Australian show ‘Home and Away’.  In 2008 they introduced a character called Roman Harris and made him an ex SAS solider. They gave him a daughter and then a foster son.  Then, they decided that his character had run it’s course and devised an exit storyline for him which involved him being blackmailed by a former army colleague into a series of robberies and if that wasn’t enough they also had him guilty of a friendly fire incident that killed one of his men.

None of which fitted in with the characterisation they had set up for him.  This led me to write the first of my stories ‘The Lost Letter’, the idea being that I was going to give him a past,  and provide a love interest. I was going to give him something to look forward to.  The Lost Letter was seventeen chapters. It was poorly written and whilst the premise still holds thrall for me I know I could have done it better.

This story led to the next one ‘A Summer Bay Wedding (ASBW)’ where I had his daughter get married. It also helped set the tone for Roman’s own marriage to Ella.  I should point out that Ella is my own character, what is termed ‘original character’.  People started reading and commenting.

The next story that came to me was entitled ‘The Darkness’ which I wrote at the same time as  ‘ASBW’ and was the sequel to that story. From there the idea kept coming and I began writing a story entitled ‘The Beginning’ which was the story of how Roman and Ella met.

After  all of those stories were finished came ‘Remembrance of Time’ with its shock ending where I killed Ella, although not for long as I brought her back alive in ‘Elliot’s Return’.   From there came ‘The Way Back’ and then ‘A Summer Bay Wedding 2’ whose storylines included the rekindling of the relationship between Roman and Ella.

By now Roman and Ella were known as ‘Rola’, which in fan terms comes from combining the two names to make a cute nickname for them.

The following story was entitled ‘Broken’, where I included a bad guy, some other stuff and eventually killed off Roman. Not for long though as he popped up alive and in Witness Protection in  ‘Missing Heart’.

If you’ve followed my blog you know that I had serious problems with the writing of  ‘MH’. I knew where it was going to end but the getting there was seriously dragging me down.  It’s probably a testament of how involved I am in these characters that knowing there was going to be a sad ending where I had the characters separate and divorce made me sad.

But Rola aren’t over.  Welcome to ‘Postcards from Hawaii’ where the characters are secretly dating.  Ella doesn’t want to get the children’s hopes up so she wants it kept secret so they resolve some of the issues they had in ‘MH’.  Although it is still being written there are plans for the next lot of stories.  ‘Ghost Sight’ which is going to test Roman and have him drive everyone away, then ‘Families and Trouble’ where I plan to introduce present day ‘Home and Away’ characters to test the relationships of Rola and their family.

I believe (at the moment anyway) that ‘Priceless’ will be my last Rola story.  In as much as it follows on from the others it will be stand alone in terms of plot.

There are also two stories I haven’t mentioned.  ‘Debated Heart’ which is posted on this blog will follow on from ‘Ghost Sight’ in a surprising twist that I hope will have people going ‘wow’ and then ‘Bound by fear, rescued by love’.  ‘Bound’ is set in the period between ‘The Darkness’ and ‘Remembrance of Time’ and deals with aftermath of what happened to Ella in ‘The Darkness’.

So that is Fan Fic and more importantly your introduction to the world of Rola.  You can find all of them on BTTB, a fan forum and I’ve also started a Tumblr blog for them where I’m posting snippets of  my stories and inspirational pictures that represent aspects of the story.  Links for both of them can be found in the sidebar to this blog. 

What I haven’t told you is much about the characters, if you want to get to know them the best thing you can do is go read the stories. 😛


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