Writing, writing and writing!

So I am back! Now someone who I now work with who knew me back when I started uni asked me whether I was still a bookworm and into my writing. My answer was yes and then he proceeded to ask me why. I found myself explaining exactly why it is that I love writing, why I love reading and why ultimately I am a bookworm. So here is another of my crazy yet zen rants..read on!

Writing is something I really love doing, it can be just because I have too much going on in my head and I need a platform to get it out. I write as part of my job and while I love my job sometimes I come home and feel too tired to even try to write anything else. This is half the reason I have stopped writing fan fiction because my brain is simply too tired to think and create a chapter. Sometimes I read books and I instantly feel like writing. A book can inspire you, you can get lost in their world even if it is just for a short amount of time. Escapism used to be the main reason I read books, my childhood was different to say the least from most people but books was something that is unique to me. No one in my family loves books as much as I do and they indulge me. The amount of times they get me books and don’t complain if I sit on the couch or in my room reading for hours. My friends, some of them don’t get why I love books which is why about 2 years ago, I stopped reading books for about 5 months when I was dealing with my A-levels. I realised that something was missing for those 5 months, at first I didn’t associate it with the fact that I had stopped reading but when my mother bought me a book written by John Grisham, I found my interest in reading come back. It was only then I realised books was something I cannot cut out of my life for too long, it makes me a different person, I suddenly am no longer myself.

I officially started writing however in 2005 but I admit I was crap at it, I have been looking at my old ‘starting’ stories compared to a fan fiction trilogy I wrote last year, and I can see how much my writing has evolved and changed. I am no expert but I feel like my writing goes from strength to strength, partly because my job is all about writing. I have always asked people for advice in the past about my stories, how can I make the story flow or is this a good idea for a story…but lately I have struggled to write but I never ask anyone for help or advice on how to get my mojo back. For the last 2 months, I have decided that the current fan fiction I am writing, will be my last solo fan fiction for a while but yet someone asked me yesterday, why did I decide that? My answer was simply; ‘I have no desire to write anymore fan fiction, I have no enthusiasm to write’. Since then I have been thinking about writing and the reasoning behind my decision because writing is a big deal to me, it’s part of my life. It is something that I have done for over 7 years. In a way, it is a world I can escape to when real life gets me down or is just too much for me to deal with. In a way writing and reading is my escape route, people know if I am writing or reading, that I rarely talk unless I feel like it. It does at times come across as rude but that is never my intention, I just enjoy that time too much to let other things get in the way.

Once upon a time, all I would read were action books where there was something happening or fantasy books such as harry potter. I remember the first time I read Harry Potter, I must have been about 11 or 12, and it was a time where I was overwhelmed with life and adjusting to a new school, a new area. My father gave me the book and at first I turned my nose up at it. (Yes, to Harry Potter!) However with a little bit of encouragement and a quiet Sunday in December, I started reading it and I loved it. Since then I have read each book and watched the films more times than I can actually count. It is a film saga that will stay in my heart because it introduced me to a world of books and I grew up with Harry Potter. I then started reading books by various authors such as Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman and then later on Meg Cabot. From then on, books were my thing, my brothers had their hobbies which they indulged in such as martial arts and one of them used to draw still life and landscapes but for me it was books, every birthday I am almost guaranteed to get a book for a present, and far from it being disappointing, I actually love getting them. Though for about 3 years, I have been reading a lot more Mills & Boon, mainly the modern series but with a few medical ones thrown in. I can’t explain what it is like to read a book and never want to stop reading until you have finished it.

One of my favourite authors to date is Jodi Picoult. Her books are about real life, about situations people find themselves in and just how they try to overcome those problems. I felt an instant connection though I haven’t read her latest release yet. I have it waiting on my bookshelf, just haven’t actually read it. Books, books, books… I cannot see my interest in books ever disappearing completely but I do know that there will be times where I will not read books for a while only then to get my interest back. It is for me certainly, the way it has always been. I never expect other people to get why I love reading so much or to even be the same as me because to be honest, that would be boring.

I do tend to get passionate about books and I even just finished the ’50 shades of grey trilogy” and to be honest it is not written well at all but there is something about that trilogy that I do actually like. I know for a fact that there are better stories out there, I read them quite regularly but at the same time, I also know that some people do actually enjoy it and enjoy the story, which is good for them, but for me personally, I can’t muster up the same kind of enthusiasm as other people. It might just be me but I am not a big fan of it and to be fair I will never be a die hard fan but despite that I don’t regret reading them, they are stories that is not to my liking but then that is the way it goes sometimes, it may not be my cup of tea but it is someone else’s.

I can go on for hours about writing and books, that is how much they have influenced my life, I will always love reading. I can’t and don’t want to lose that passion…which is why even though I am planning a break from writing stories, I will not stop permanently. Books and writing will be two constant things even if I do stop for a while. Moral is if you enjoy something, do not let it disappear, take a break if you need to but do not let it disappear..


That is my lot for now..signing off!


Till next time 😀



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