I’m back but for how long?

So I am back after a long hiatus, I am sure some of you have seen the about page and the ‘blackmail’ part but I am not that bad. Not all the time… Hopefully my blog updates will be more regular here I am again, so if you do not want to hear my crazy rant about anything and everything. I advise that you turn your head now and find something else to read otherwise read on!

Since my last blog post, I have been using Twitter a lot more. I tweet a lot about my day, post quotes, post sarcastic comments, I even stalk some people’s Twitter especially one of my favourite writers who has a new book released in March… I don’t use it to the same extent as I use Facebook or any of the other sites that I use for writing and graphics. Facebook is a way for me to get in touch with my family, to get updates on my friend’s lives and also to play games. It is a universal social networking tool in my opinion. I also use Instagram for photos and linking them to Twitter and Facebook. Someone did ask me a question about 2 weeks ago. ‘Why do you use Facebook and Twitter?’

My answer was this; I use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends and I use twitter to let people know what I am doing or how I feel, or just because I am bored.’ We ended up talking about the other hobbies I have like reading and writing. Now anyone who knows me knows I am a bookworm. I love reading; it can be anything apart from Shakespeare! (I am trying to get into him though). I also love watching TV though I have sort of got into the habit of watching everything on a weekend, which tends to annoy my brothers because they don’t get the chance to watch football but it’s something that I do, and something they have to accept.

Now I have seen so many people on Twitter talk about boy bands which I find nauseating…some of the things they spout makes me physically feel ill but each to their own, I have learnt to avoid those accounts so if you add me and tweet like that, I will unfollow you, it’s for my own sanity if nothing else.  There are some days I avoid both Twitter and Facebook, sometimes it is because it just feels mundane and pointless but other times, it is because I am so wrapped up in other things, I forget to check it or to talk to people with it.

I have spent a long time from September to October rewriting my dissertation, I failed it the first time around and I used Twitter as a ranting platform, it definitely made me feel better and it meant I did not take it out on my family which I am sure they appreciated. Upon getting my results, it didn’t sink it that I had actually graduated, it was only a text off a special person in my life that made me realise I had done it! Again this is something that made me realise just how much my life has changed, this time last year, I was aiming to be a teacher and to go into education. Why did I change my mind? I simply realised I had enough of education, I went through about 18 years of it  and decided enough was enough, so I went into script writing. Now I love writing but lately I have lost the passion to write, so many things have disrupted my life and so I find myself dealing with that and not being able to write. Things are finally settling down so I found myself a few days ago writing something other than fan fiction. It was an original story albeit short but at the same time, it was my characters, my plot, my thoughts and feelings poured in. I have no plans to post it for others but at the same time, I do know that I want to be able to write more like this so other people can read it. It has made me more passionate about writing, and linking personal feelings to a story actually does make me feel so much better. I will not stop writing fan fiction but I am going to write more original stories for my own personal enjoyment before I think about possibly posting them somewhere.

Now onto what is going to happen, well I cannot see into the future but I do know what I want to happen. I won’t divulge yet as some of it may and probably will change, who knows but I feel positive, for the first time in months. I can see myself being happy. I know there will be times where I feel down and in the dumps but I know for a fact that I am not alone. I have never been alone, I just never realised that I had people there who really cared about me. Now one last thing before I go and do something other than talk about myself (that will be hard 😛 ), 2012 was a year of changes, and 2013 will be better. I am sure I can make my life better than it is, so much is up in the air but that is life, you can never predict what is going to happen next but you can have fun trying to. I will say one thing though, I know I will be happy because I am in control of my life, I can’t control what people say to me but I can control the way I react to people. I am in control, you all are of your own lives, if people are hellbent on hurting you then you have to as hard as it is, let them go, focus on those people who actually do want you in their lives, they are the people who are truly worth it.

Signing off now…till next time, maybe it will be soon, maybe it won’t…you will have to keep looking to see.


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