What is acceptable….?

Ok I’m going to rant.

I’m going to rant a lot.

Last night I was surfing my Facebook and I’m subscribed to  Will-I-Am’s feed. Up pops a video of the remix version of ‘Scream and Shout’. The little tag in the corner promotes Parental Advisory. Meaning there is something in there that you maybe wouldn’t want your kids to hear.  Nevertheless I click on in and listen. I last nearly a minute before I can’t stand it any more and turn it off.  Some rapper is telling me ‘F this’ and ‘F that’.

Dude, I totally swear myself.  Get me riled and I can make a sailor blush with the words I can come out with. But what the heck is a song doing with that many swearwords in?  Are they fooling themselves into thinking that kids won’t download this and listen to it?  Are they really of the right mind to think that Parents are going to CHECK what the kids are doing or listening to?  How does swearing even become relevant to a song?

So we delve into artistic licence.  During my creative courses we discussed the use of swearwords in out texts.  Again the word ‘Relevant’ comes into play. If it was relevant to the story then include it.  But a song?  In this instance it’s not even in the song, although I didn’t listen to all of it, it was the rap before the song even started.  It didn’t add value to the song. It didn’t feel relevant. It wasn’t poetry. What was it there for? Shock value? Well how can it shock anyone when it is being used so much?.

What is acceptable?  I hate kids swearing.  Not just your hooded youth standing on the street corner but I’ve heard kids as young as 8 using the ‘F’ word.  Where do they learn it? At school in the playground. At home. On the tv. In films and TV shows. In music. On Facebook, Twitter and other social media. If your kid came home and told you to ‘F’ off would you find that acceptable?

Would you even be offended by the swearing?

If the answer is no, then it’s too late. Our sensibilities have been corrupted, smothered and discarded.  We should be offended. This isn’t acceptable. It is swearing. We shouldn’t be immune to it.

Did you know that of the Top 200  songs for download on I Tunes, 27 of those have explicit warning labels on them? What is that about? And just look at some of the songs around today, explicit sexual lyrics,  explicit language, references to women being ‘ho’s ‘. What messages are these songs sending our kids? Sending each other?

Why are we accepting this?  Have we fallen into the trap of complacency?

As you read this I want you to thing of the really great songs you used to listen to. The ones that hold special memories for you. That make your emotions churn.  Now think about the kids and the next coming generations. What songs are they going to have that are as great as the ones you just thought about?  It’s time to send a message to the singers, the song writers, the music producers, the music industry and let them know that scattering F Bombs throughout their music doesn’t make it better, doesn’t make it acceptable.  Let’s not download it, let’s not buy it, we deserve better.


One thought on “What is acceptable….?

  1. I agree with you. But what alarms me is that I don’t notice it so much nowadays. My heart doesn’t leap with shock so much as it used to. Which means we are becoming immune and soon it will just merge into being another sort of mild ‘bad’ word. It’s too late to change it now. I don’t think young people use it as much as we think. It sounds out more when it is the use. I don’t swear and I hate swearing. The most we ever swore was ‘ruddy’ and then we were told off for that!!! Will .i.am is just doing it to shock and the more shock the more music he sells. I suppose that’s the way it is now.

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