Hey Everyone,

Ok, so I kind of feel bad about posting this blog but my anger on this given subject is somewhat begging me too.

Ok so the question I have is this.

Why does having a disability make some people think that they have the right to treat you differently and what gives these people a right to treat you like a idiot ? Is it because they think you won’t react? Or is it because they think their better than you.

And then when you let them know how you feel they just shrug it off. I don’t normally let these things bother me but it is different when it comes from a person, who you thought was your friend. I now think they see me as nothing more than someone they have to look after and not a friend. There is no way in the world that this so called friend of mine would of spoke to any others friends of ours like he did with me the other day.

In my eyes everyone should be treated as a equal. Well maybe not these small-minded people, but I’m sure you know what I mean. 

Anyhow sorry for having a moan, I don’t do it often I’m normally a happy guy


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