Respect and The Armed Forces

Someone in the Armed Forces will leave their friends and families and fly to a far off place and defend you from threat. They will stand up for you when you can’t defend yourself. They will take abuse, and spite, and allow themselves to be spat on and called names because they’ve done their duty. They spend years training to do their jobs to make sure that you are protected and able to enjoy the comforts of your home with your big screen tv and your latest model phone. Those are the people you should be proud off. Not your overpaid footballer or your overexposed celebrity or mass-produced pop band.

Yesterday, some people decided that they would kill a soldier. They claim that they did it for religion. Don’t be fooled into climbing on the ‘Hate’ bandwagon. Not every person who is Muslim is responsible, just as not every Catholic was behind the IRA. The people who commit these horrendous crimes do so because they want to and use a corrupted form of logic to explain it away. In doing so they corrupt their own religion and turn it into something to be feared. They are killers just as much as they are terrorists and they will not win because we cannot and will not let them win.

To the family and friends of the soldier who was murdered in this horrendous fashion I offer my condolences and you are in my thoughts and to the people who are reading this, every year we have days to honour our Armed Forces. Even if you don’t agree with what they are doing in Afghanistan or Iraq, the simple truth is that if someone were to invade Britain they would fight for your home just as much as they are fighting for the people over there. For the 14-year-old girl from Afghanistan who was shot because she wanted an education for example.

Armed Forces Day is on the 29th June and there will be events that you can go to to show your support and if there isn’t something you can attend in your area then you can donate to Help for Heroes and finally buy a poppy in November, wear it with pride and remembrance of the ones who have laid down their lives for the country you call home.


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