An Open Letter to a Friend…..


Ok here goes, a last attempt to reach out.  Well maybe the last, who knows? I have this annoying tendency not to give up on people.

First off,  we used to be friends who would spend ages talking but now you don’t even acknowledge us.   Aren’t we good enough for you any more?  Or is it that we don’t like the same boyband that you do? Not that you like them, more like you obsess over them to the point of bullying someone who made a simple comment to you about them.  

Worse than that you seem intent on trying to hurt people. Posting joking comments about Rape and if you really can’t see what is wrong with what you did then maybe you aren’t the person we thought you were. You know why.   Oh yeah, you’ll shout at us for a ‘joking discussion’ we had, myself and another friend,  that was regarding something we’ve both been through. You’ll act the victim when it was nothing to do with you and try and make us feel guilty.  

The fact  is that we were able to joke about because we’ve been through it, but you went even further and took something personal we told you about and made an attempt to hurt us. I’m sure you don’t get the relevance of what you did and how it constitutes bullying and was just plain nasty.  Is that how you want us to remember you? To remember what our friendship has become? 

You’ve stated that you no longer use a certain one of the Social Networking sites but yet, your profile can be seen on there proving that you’ve been lying, again and of course I question what else has been a lie.  

We asked you to get help for your ED, SH and OCD. To do something about the depression that you have along with your low self-esteem and low confidence but you refused  until you reached Uni and then after one session told us you didn’t want to go any more. If you have that much wrong with you surely one session wouldn’t have helped? Maybe there were more sessions as we have no idea what you really did except what you tell us.

I look at you now and I shake my head.  Is this really you? Uncaring about what people think of you? Having no self respect? There are so many things you post online that should be personal and yet you freely share them.  What about your privacy? I’m sure we are all glad to learn that you get turned on so easily, when your periods start, when you are ill, and how you’ve never had a boyfriend.  See,  I’ve now shared personal information about you but then you don’t have the right to be upset about it as it was put out in the public domain by yourself.  What if it’s not just so-called friends who have that information about you? What if someone else picks up on it and uses it against you? Have you not heard of personal safety?

Looking at you know it’s like you seem to mistake the idolisation you receive on a Social Network for Real Friends.  In five years time who will be there for you? Some people who liked a ‘pop group’ and have moved on with their lives into Uni or jobs,  or people that actually care and worry about  you?  People who end up worrying about jobs and money and bills won’t have time to maintain an obsession with a pop group even if they still buy and listen to their songs.

You are going to state that we were never there for you. How could we be when we didn’t know anything was wrong? You never told us, you never reached out via email, or text or social network and asked if we had time to have a chat.   When I’ve said the same thing to you that is your response to me.  I can quote it if you like, in your very own words.

Did you know that we’ve met up despite being from all over the UK? We’ve met for food, drinks and laughter and are meeting up again.  We’ve even planned on finding a place to rent so we can have a holiday together.  You could so easily have been included in that but you’ve isolated yourself from us.  Well you can be included it’s up to you because here I am, reaching out again.   What is your response?

Love From Me


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