Now you’ve all heard me rant about twitter on a few occasions.  But I’ve come across the following blog about Bartoli winning the women’s Wimbledon final.

I don’t follow tennis.  It’s an ok sport but I’d just rather do other things with my time than watch it.   On Saturday I did see some of the women’s final.  A tall leggy blonde and a shorter brunette.   Other than that I didn’t notice much about them and would certainly never have taken any more interest in it apart from that.  Today however is another matter.

You’ve seen some of my post regarding bullying. When it happens in person it is as the title of this blog post says, disgusting.  When it happens in cyber space it is just as bad, just as nauseating and disgusting.  People hiding behind computer screens and being bit*hy, evil, repellent and somehow thinking that it is acceptable because others do it, because they aren’t doing it in the school yard or the workplace or even face to face.  Because it’s a sign of their popularity.   Well none of it is acceptable and people need to learn and amend their behaviour.

Twitter is awful.  With a character count of 140 it is hard to explain fully what you mean.  But there can be no mistaking some of the comments regarding Bartoli.

post over batorli

post2 over bartoli




I don’t get how some people can behave like this and not realise how offensive they are being, how raciest, sexist, how hate-filled and loathsome they are?   They are DISGUSTING.


The above screen shots were taken from the above eloquent post from Tumblr that sums up the full extent of the degradation that Bartoli has had to be witness too because she doesn’t fulfil the ideals of so called societies concept of beauty.  I thought that we were getting beyond this?  Did I miss the memo that told me I could only fit in if I was a skinny 6ft blonde girl? It makes me ask how many of the posters themselves would be rejected as misfits if they were measured against the so-called ideals that they hold others too?

Not just that but calling her a slut?  Where do you get off calling  ANYONE that let alone referring to their sexuality like it’s some kind of insult.  Fag, Queer, Slut, Slag, Slapper, Homo, Ho or Hoe.  Referring to anyone with these  terms IS unacceptable, let alone the double standard that really makes my blood boil where if a guy has multiple sexual partners he is referenced as a “stud” but not the same for a woman.  Really? You are really going to sit there and  think that is acceptable too?

 I am a firm believer in Karma and I hope that when she visits some of the insensitive bullying jerks especially those over on twitter she hits them over the head with a tennis racquet  … or runs them over with a tank.  



2 thoughts on “DISGUSTING!

  1. I think there were even more disgusting things said as well Teresa. Basically it was all about image not the talent or the sport. They interviewed her on Sky News and she was/is a lovely person, funny, gentle and very feminine. Not that you would know it by the guff being spouted on blogs etc. People feel they can say anything nowadays because there is no-one there to challenge them.

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