Love Reawakened – Shelli Rosewarne

Tele’s Word Bites is pleased to welcome Author Shelli Rosewarne to the blog today. She’s here to talk about her latest release ‘Love Reawakened’  – a Zombie themed romance.  That’s right step aside sparkly vampires and fluffy wolf-types here are the new alpha hero’s on the paranormal scene – Zombies…  

Hi Teresa,

Thanks so much for letting me visit today. My zombie-themed romance ‘Love Reawakened’ was just released on Friday so I’m very excited!

I know what you’re thinking – zombies and romance don’t really go together. But to be honest, I think zombies get rather a poor deal in the paranormal romance stakes. Let’s face it, you think vampire you think dark, tortured, sexy, with optional drool-worthy European accent that just makes you want them to bite you… *coughs* well, you get the idea! Zombies on the other hand, you tend to think of rotting flesh, shambling gait, optional loss of limbs and a definite lending towards the ‘ewww’ rather than then ‘mmmm’ factor! I’m sure if the poor zombie had been given a choice he’d have preferred to come back as a vampire, but he didn’t – and now he has to face blatant ‘vampire preference’ in his already not great afterlife. Surely he deserves a little sympathy?

Convinced yet? If not then I do also have a rather more drool-worthy necromancer, a very sassy witch, some action, romance, *ahem* slightly steamy scenes and a zombie cat called Mittens – come on, now you’re intrigued!


Emma needs to find an escaped zombie! With lives on the line, the only person who can help is the man who broke her heart.

Emma Strachan is a professional witch and quite frankly a zombie raising should be all in day’s work. Now, though, something has gone horribly wrong and with lives on the line Emma is forced to turn for help to the one person she never wanted to see again.

When Emma Strachan shows up on Garret’s doorstep he knows she must be in trouble – after all nothing else would bring her to his door. Still, he never imagined a zombie gone rogue, or that the blazing attraction between them would be as strong as ever.

As Emma and Garret risk their lives to track down the missing zombie can they put aside past insecurities and trust in each other – before it’s too late.


He grinned at her. “I’ve learnt a few things since you last knew me.”

She felt her face flame. Oh, they were so not going there. She turned on her heel, and headed back to the car. She heard his low laugh as he followed her and tried not to bristle at that. She slid in, a scowl on her face.

“What now? We still have no idea where he might be or how to reassure him when we find him. Any ideas?”

She saw a slow grin spread across his face, then he leaned over and captured her lips with his, catching her surprised squeak. His tongue plunged deep, his mouth forceful, demanding, and she was helpless not to respond. A whimper rose in her throat as she clutched at his shoulders, heat curling in her stomach. His hand slid to the nape of her neck pulling her closer and she went willingly, her nipples hardening as she came up against his chest. He slowly pulled back, causing a moan of protest to rise in her throat. He smiled ruefully, resting his head against hers.

“This is really not the time or the place,” he murmured.

She pulled back crossly. “Why did you do it then?”

He grinned at her. “It was an idea.”

Hilarious! “You have any ideas actually related to the problem at hand?” she snapped at him.

“Surprisingly, yes, I do have one. I know someone who might be able to help us find him.”

Emma frowned. “Who? And why didn’t you just say that instead of, well, you know.”

He sighed. “You’ll see, and I kissed you now because you might not let me afterwards.”

To get your mitts on this awesome book from this fabulous writer then click on the links below:

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The delightful Ms Shelli is also running a give-away on Rafflecopter (details below) but due to the wonderful restrictions on WordPress it won’t allow us to post the simple to use graphic!  If you leave your details in a nice comment below, like her author page on Facebook, then tweet about this fabulous story then you are in with a chance to win some scrumptious prizes!  Don’t worry we will upload your details into the Rafflecopter! to give you a chance at the prizes!  Good Luck!

I’m also running a Rafflecopter giveaway – prizes include a zombie themed mini book bag, a spooky Halloween phone cover and a witchy (and lavender scented) keyring – who said scary can’t be cute! I’m also giving away a free copy of Love Reawakened in the ebook format of your choice. If you’d like to enter then just leave a comment.


For more info on Shelli please see her Bio below:

Shelli Rosewarne had always had a dream in the back of her head about wanting to be a writer, from the time she was handing in ten page stories at primary school and driving her teachers crazy. However, like with so many things, life and paying the bills got in the way and she worked in various jobs from call centres to shops to offices. She eventually realized that life is too short not to try and follow your dreams, and has since had her first stand alone novella published with Breathless Press, along with several submissions in anthologies, another novel contracted for later in the year and various works in progress in the pipeline. Yup, she’s having to pinch herself as well! She currently lives in Edinburgh with her long-suffering fiancé and slightly psycho cat. When not writing she loves reading, music and photography.

You can follow her at:

Facebook –

Twitter – @shellirosewarne

Blog –


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