101 things from my wardrobe

Yesterday I dipped into my wardrobe and found a top I had forgotten I owned. This isn’t a novel happening as my wardrobes are kinda full to overflowing with clothes and shoes.  And seriously you should see my handbag collection! Anyway, feeling inspired I thought I’d share with you my fashion tips and trade secrets to have a personal look regardless of what fashion dictates.  Oh yeah, and my style choice is about comfort, not just chilling out and relaxing but feeling good in the clothes I wear, feeling comfortable in my skin.

Item 1 – Black Deck Shoes

Unlike most fashion divas my deck shoes are a few years old.   Made of canvas with black laces they are the most comfortable shoes I own.   Lately I’ve been teaming them with black bootleg trousers and a casual top or black jumper.   They’ve lingered in back of my wardrobe as I go through phases of liking them or even actually forgetting I own a pair of decks.

I’ve teamed them with a black maxi skirt and also leggings.  Accessioning them with jeans or shorts is a little bit too 1980’s vibe and too skater girl with a dress.  Although that may happen if we get a nice summer.

Back in the early 90’s I used to wear canvas tennis shoes, white with white laces which always seemed a bit boring so I tended to paint them with fabric paints and although I aimed for the same pattern on each shoe because of the way the fabric absorbed the colour they would look a little different from each other.  I didn’t mind this because these shoes were mine, and in hand-crafting them in this way they were as individual as me.

black deck


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