Song Fic

A fan fiction based around or inspired by a song. Similar to a music video in the sense that it has a story that complements the song.
That songfic really went along that song well.
So you’ve heard a song.  Really it’s just poetry set to music.  But you are inspired. You want to write. You have characters who are begging you to write about them.  And it fits to this song or that.
Song Fic.
A complicated pregnancy, a death, a break up. Get out the sad songs. Let the words flow like the rhythm of the music. Let the song tell part of the story. I’ve written a number of them for different scenarios.  Imagined one character’s pain expressed in music.  Let the music tell the story.
Song Fic.
My Mum died recently and all I can think about are the unasked and unanswered questions. All the times the conversation changed topic or stopped.  I never asked her why she cried when she listened to my James Blunt CD.  I never asked her about her past beyond what she told us in stories and comments.
Song Fic.
She listened to rock songs. Loved a drum solo. She watched CSI and began to worship ‘The Who’. She told us that Baba’O’Reily was performed by Rod Stewart and we spent ages searching for it before we picked up a ‘The Who’ compilation and found it on there.  She would only listen to her music when I was around because I was the one who fixed up the CD player and put the discs on, or dug out the portable one so she could listen to it privately.
Song Fic.
She told us to find her Rod Stewart’s CD anyway.
Song Fic.
The Everly Brothers. Roy Orbison. Billy Fury. Randy Travis. Robert Palmer. Elvis Presley.
Song Fic.
She taught me to ‘Hand Jive’ and one night she threw flour on the kitchen floor and we spent hours dancing. Chubby Checker’s The Twist.  Jiving. Rock and Roll.
Song Fic.
When I was young I remember the five inch stilettos and the perfume. The hair that would be in rollers all day to be perfect for the dinner dance that night.
Song Fic.
When I was young I remember the kisses goodnight with the Winter Wine lipstick that would leave a kiss mark on my skin as she left with my Dad for the night out.
Her Songs.




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