A Touch of Elegance

Continuing on from ‘101 Things from my Wardrobe’ I want to talk about a touch of elegance.   No matter what your budget or your personal style there are things that you should always have in your wardrobe.

Item 2 – The little black dress….

As I mentioned my wardrobe is a little bit full* so I have several LBDs. There is nothing like the feel of glamour when you get ready to go out somewhere and you put on your LBD. The feel of the smooth material on your skin, the excitement of the event to come. Knowing that you look good in it adds to the ‘feel good’ factor.

My favourite LBD is a  little black velvet number. It’s sleeveless with a cowl neck that drapes decorously over the cleavage in such a way it adds to the sexiness of the outfit.  The dress is  mid length and slinks down to fall at mid calf.  Bought many years ago from a store that no longer exists I love the way this dress makes me feel when I wear it let alone that after many years it is still stylish and comfortable.

The next dress I have is a floaty number.  Again although another sleeveless dress it does have a small frill at the shoulders, more of a flounce than cap sleeves. This dress is knee length and has a gold floral pattern on it that is subtle enough to be delicate and bold enough to be added glitter.

My third dress is a skimpy spaghetti strapped number.  Again made of floaty material it skims the knees and I know I don’t wear it often enough to provide a reason to hang on to it.

My final dress is more of a ‘tea dress’ than an evening dress. Made of cotton with lace and crocheted  details this is by far the most worn dress of all four.  Small sleeves, V neck, flared knee length shirt.  Every time I wear this dress I feel girlie and flirty.

That is the thing about dresses, no matter what the occasion and reason for wearing them they should make you feel good about yourself. They should make you want to be seen in them.  Want you to have a touch of elegance or glamour wherever you are.


* more like overflowing in such a way I really need a third (yes, third) wardrobe.


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