Reading a poem…

I not only write poetry but I like to read it too.  Most of all I like to read the poetry written not by published authors but by celebrated amateurs, the ones who shyly reveal their works on to the masses, risking censorship and disdain.  Allowing their work to be critiqued by a world that is too eager to criticise.

My mum taught me if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.  Sometimes I manage to stick to that advice and certainly when I look at someone’s work, someone’s hard crafted piece I look for the positives first. (please note I certainly don’t do that with my own work!!)  and if I like it I will let the author know.

If I don’t like it, but they ask my opinion I will be tactful.

However, if I hate it and they haven’t elicited an opinion then I’ll keep what I think to myself.  What is the point of entering a debate about someone’s work if all you are doing is criticising for the sake of it? Doesn’t that make you a bully in some way?

So anyway, I’m over here on my blog… because recently I’ve read two poems that have been dreadful. And I mean dreadful.

The first was 80+ lines long and was written in text speak.  It was hard to read and understand.  It had no message to relate.  It was just a mess of miss-spelled words going on to infinity.  I found myself re-reading it again and again, not because it was starting to grow on me as an art piece, no this was because I couldn’t understand any of it.

The second was about ‘hate’ and how we should just not hate each other. Obviously a clear message, and one that we should embrace but seriously, this poem made me hate. It dictated what I should do, regardless of the situation I was in, and that nothing is worth hate.  Sometimes Mr. Author, hate is inevitable and you have to hang on to it to get you though some tough times.

Now, obviously, this author meant well and who can say what is going on in his life that he decided this was an expression of what he was feeling?  But what I can glean from it is that he’s an obvious douche bag. Yeah, that’s right. He’s a douche.

Checking out his other works I read one that sounded familiar.  So familiar in fact that I had to google it and right enough I found it on another site, written by a different author. Yup, that is right, Mr. Don’t-hate  is a plagiarist.

Let’s not try and hate that shall we?

So anyway, my point is… read poems… love some poems… encourage the authors…..  if you hate it and your opinion has not been asked for… just keep it to yourself…. unless of course you have a blog and need to vent… yeah, sorry about that.  😛

Peace. Out. y’all….





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