Begin Again

The movie ‘Begin Again’ stars Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. He’s a dejected, and even rejected, down on his luck music producer and one night he stumbles across Keira Knightly singing a song she clearly wrote after a break up.

With no backing from the music industry aside from the help of some friends of his, he manages to produce the album around scenic New York. Once they listen to it the execs of course want it because they now know they can cream their share of money from the deal.

Without giving more of the plot away, at first I found this movie to be dull and plodding. Were we going to see the same thing happen? Girl meets producer, makes record and becomes famous? But sticking with it through the first scenes you get a real sense of what is happening. Both main characters are in essence beginning again. His career, his personal life and relationships. He’s gone from having a tarnished jaded view of life to someone who can see more than just the image people present and for Keira’s character, she moves on from a broken relationship to find something for herself.

The movie is worth watching. It’s worth sticking with through some clunky bits that happen in the first scenes. The music has an emotional quality to it that doesn’t detract from it’s storytelling and adds to the movie arc. This is definitely going on my favourite movies list.


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