I Judge you….

I judge you. As I look at you now I judge you. I look at your hair, your face, your body, and I judge you. I find your flaws, your faults, and I revel in them as though I have none myself. I point out the dimples in the thighs, the dress that doesn’t quite fit right, the haircut that doesn’t suit you and I score everyone until I rank you lower than myself.

I don’t do this alone because I live in a society where your appearance is measured, your flaws exposed, your countenance is worn away by media, by internet and by people such as myself. I’m taught to do this by ‘Fashion Police’. By ‘worst dressed’ lists. By ‘best diet’ comparisons. By ‘best fitness’ routines. Feel the burn. Anonymous internet trolls add to the growing list of people who teach us to hate, to self-hate, to depreciate. We are nothing more than ugly bags of mostly water and nothing can take away the stain of our judgement.

Except, if we stop. If we look at a picture of a beautiful woman and acknowledge the strengths she has. If we remove the filter of hatred from our eyes and just look. Just see.

Who are the people who tell us they don’t look good? That the outfit they wore to this event or that one didn’t suit them? Who are they to JUDGE? Are they perfect? Do they always wear the perfect clothes all the time?

Embrace the flaws. Not everyone is perfect. We shouldn’t stop striving for perfection but maybe we need to stop mirroring someone’s ideal of perfection.

Self-hate. How many times do you say to yourself that you could be something if you were smarter, prettier, faster, thinner? How many times do you call yourself dumb? Call yourself stupid? How many times a day? An hour? A minute? Do you ever tell yourself something good? Do you ever congratulate yourself over something?

We judge. We can’t measure up. We hate. And this has to stop.
It’s time for change.

Think about how you can change this, change your outlook on the world. Think about what positives we can tell ourselves and each other. Think about how we communicate them. Now comment below….


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