Unpopular Opinion Alert – Gay or not?

So recently we have more and more people coming out as Gay.

I understand that for them it’s a big deal. I mean they are striving for acceptance. For acknowledgement of their lifestyle, their partners, their very existence. They have to battle to be accepted, to have to deal with homophobic slurs probably coming from people close to them who don’t get it.

I understand all that.

But when I read a headline or see a trending article about someone being gay I honestly think… “so what?”.   Why is this news? Why is this even being made a thing? It doesn’t change who the person is. Doesn’t automatically turn them into someone to hate.  It’s just they love differently to me or even you.  It isn’t a big deal.

So all you people who claim it is… back down.  Let people love who they love. Let them have the same rights as people who are straight.  Let them marry. Let them have partnership rights that come with marriage.  It doesn’t affect me.  Shouldn’t affect you and if it does then that says more about you than it does them.


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