So yeah,  sorting myself out included a trip to the opticians for an eye test.

Turns out that I have Macular Degeneration.  There are two forms of this entitled ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’. The ‘wet’ version is treatable. The ‘dry’ is not (yet) treatable.  I am in the early stages and as of yet I haven’t seen a doctor to have this confirmed.  I’m  not scared even though the end stages of this are that I will probably be blind.   We’re talking years before that happens and who knows what science could come up with before then.

I collect my new glassed the day after my birthday and just to be more complex… I am both long and short sighted … I’ve requested a pair for each condition to start off with and in a few months I may progress to varifocals or bifocals.

Even with my diagnosis, I’m lucky. I live in England that has a welfare system that can help me. There are so many countries out that deny even basic medicine to their people.  Look to America for example, a country in the top percentile which doesn’t even want to put forward ‘Obama Care’ or as it should be known, the affordable care act.  This doesn’t even give free healthcare to those in need it just provides cheaper insurance.  America is all kinds of broken, especially in terms of its squabbling government, many of whom prefer to line their pockets than fulfil the promises they’ve made to their electorate to get into power in the first place.  Something we can relate to in Britain.

Maybe ending up blind will be a good thing because I’ll no longer see the ugliness that is everywhere.  From racial hatred to violence to senseless acts to what must seem petty things like a lack of care for the environment, dropping litter and graffiti.   There is a lack of care, a lack of pride of self-esteem that is festering like an open wound in society.  We’re so quick to ascribe blame because things don’t work out the way we want that we don’t see things as opportunities to move in a new direction.

This then is my new direction, I’m going to get a definative diagnosis. I’m going to read up on it and inform myself what it means, what timescale I’m looking at.  I’m going to watch sunrises and sunsets and look up at the moon and imprint those images inside my brain just in case.


One thought on “Diagnosis

  1. It is great that you are taking a positive view on this (no pun intended) As you say, it will be many years before blindness and treatment may well have improved by then.

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