Review – ‘Kevin from Work’

So with a lot of spare time on my hands I get to watch a lot of TV shows… some fresh from the US!  The first one I want to talk about is the show ‘Kevin from Work’ starring Noah Reid as Kevin.  The plotline is very simple, Kevin has been crushing on a girl at work and as he’s about to leave to start a new job in another country he ends up telling her  he is in love with her.

It starts off alright, we see Kevin, his best friend in discussion, his workplace  and the aforementioned girl of his dreams ‘Audrey’, played by Paige Spara.  From there the show deteriorates into a pile of clichés.

Unable to call or email Audrey, Kevin decides to write her a letter and several tries later we see him posting it.   As the morning arrives along with his soberness he tries to get the letter back, first by going to the post box and then the post office.   Failing both of those options he ends up at her apartment to  recover the letter only to run foul of her room mate, whereby he has sex with her to retrieve the as yet unopened envelope.   There he runs into present boyfriend of Audrey and is forced to hand over the envelope and escape.

So there you are,  oh and of course his job falls through and he ends up staying in his apartment (with his sister) and stuck back in his old job next to the “love of his life”.

Why would the writers of this show think it a good idea to lump together so many IQ challenged people in one sitcom?  The sister is the epitome of reality televisions worst characters and the room mate is a sex mad uber-feminist.  The best friend offers no support at all and the boyfriend of Audrey is painted so that we already hate him.
The most offensive part of this is the fact that ‘Kevin’ suddenly has no morals and will sleep with said room mate even though he has feelings for someone else…   What part of that was funny?

In fact what part of this show overall was in anyway fun to watch?

I offer to you ‘Kevin from Work’ … watch at your peril…


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