What is in a name….

What is in a name comes from Shakespeare and his play ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  In the scene Juliet murmurs that just because she is called Capulet it does not mean she is any different to anyone else.   She asks:

‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose  By any other name would smell as sweet;

meaning of course that it would still be what it is if it were called something else.  That it wouldn’t change.

So today I draw your attention to the following words… FAT SHAMING  and HOMOPHOBIA ….    These are distinctive words thrown about on the internet, in articles in every day conversations.   But they are nothing more than bullying.   Don’t give them other names. Don’t incite them or spread them. It’s bullying.  It’s harassment. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP.

Businesses that deny services to people on the grounds of sexual orientation.  You are bullies.   You claim it is for religious reasons well I draw your attention to the following video on You Tube:

The West Wing Jed Bartlett on Scripture

Listen well to those words.  You can worship God in a respectful manner and honour your commitment to him (or her) without being a dick to everyone else.   Why are you judging them? Surely that is down to God to do that?

Bullying is abhorrent whatever form it comes in.  Maying someone ashamed of themselves to give yourself  temporary power over them?  To give yourself some kind of thrill? To make out you are better than them? Newsflash for you… if you treat someone in a manner that you would hate to be treated then you aren’t powerful, you aren’t better than them….  you are actually a lessor person and the person who should be shamed.


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