Writers Block!!

So I have like  dozen or so stories in my head to get down on my laptop.. and you’ve guessed it, today I have writers block.  It’s not like I haven’t had it before but today it feels a bit different.  I’m very close to finishing one of my ‘Rola’ stories and although it slots into the  ‘timeline’ of them so I know how it ends it still feels like it has more to say.  Which, of course is ridiculous because there isn’t anything else to put into the story.

Harlequin MB have done their annual ‘So you think you can write’ competition and I’ve been playing around with ideas about entering this for the past few years. I have two solid ideas for romance novels in my head to get down.  I’ve written the synopsis for one and the first chapter of the other.  I could enter it if I managed to get 50,000 words down by September.

Here on my blog is Dante. My vampire novel. It long ago needed an update and although, again, I can see the story in my head getting it written is another story.

Maybe I need to be like Barbara Cartland and transcribe my stories to a team of secretaries? That would do it when my fingers are too weary to type anymore.When my RSI is acting up and my hand goes numb.

I’ve done a lot of work in the past couple of weeks, updating various websites with stories and poetry.  Liaising with new fans and other authors alike.  I’ve gained new likes on my author page on Facebook which is fantastic as they seemed to stagnate for a while.  It’s also given me the chance to like other authors in turn and discover their writing.

As a writer you should never be too high and mighty that you stop learning and adapting your own writing style.   Early works of mine make me cringe when I reread them proliferated with an abundance of ‘tell’ over ‘show’ but now I’ve reached a kind of balance.   For example,  if you say your character is blushing that falls into ‘tell’ but if your character “feels a slow tide of heat reaching up from her chest and landing in two identical patches of red in her cheeks”  that is ‘show’ and doesn’t it describe how the blush develops and spreads?

Okay, I’ll stop messing around on here and go write something…


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