Nothing to blog about

No, not writers block.  I’m just out of blog ideas.

There is always a lot going on in my personal life that saps my energy and half of it I think is way way way too boring to put in a blog update.

I’m unemployed.  Which I’m starting to think is the same as unemployable.  Hunting for work is a full time job in itself.  I look in all the usual places, job boards, Universal job match, show windows, word of mouth, newspapers,  agencies.  I’ve applied for over a 100 jobs this month alone, which starts with reading the advert, seeing what skills they want, adjusting my CV and cover letter and they are the easy ones to do. Application forms are much harder.


Buzz words are great fun. As a writer I can usually construct a sentence with the required buzz word in, like efficient or effective,  customer focused, reliable, methodical, organised, flexible… and so on…  for those of you out there in the same boat but are struggling to come up with skills that match the buzz words think about what you do in every day life.

For example do you get your kid to school on time every day? Do you always arrive 10 minutes early for appointments?  I would say that was Time Management

Do you have a system to pay your bills? Do you keep your paperwork in the same place, whether it is a kitchen drawer or a filing cabinet.  Organisation and Record Keeping….

Do you have a calendar and mark out dentist or doctor appointments, school events? Keep track of birthdays even?  Diary Management 

See how the little bits add up? See how you posses skills that you don’t think you have?

If you think you won’t have a chance against other candidates then you are crippling yourself before you even start.  They may have office experience or shop experience… but what you do have?  Running a home and taking care of a family is just as valid.   Go for it. If you get knocked back… use that as practice for the next time and the next time.   Believe in you because there are so many people out there that won’t care, that look for an excuse to put people down.   And there is help out there, from courses run by the job centres on looking for work to interview skills.  Ask.  You as much as anyone are worth investing in so what are you waiting for?


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