in Love…

I just read an article by a woman who states ‘my husband doesn’t find my body sexy’.   I found myself reading down her words and wondering why she is still with him.

Sure, he says he loves her but without passion can you have the HEA?

I’ve been in love with one man for a long long long time.  This man I can never have. This man goes against every type I’ve ever been attracted to. He’s not muscle bound, blond or even romantic-cover handsome but he challenges me to think and fell in ways I never expected.  I know without doubt that I put a bit of him in every male character I write.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go with him to New Zealand and live but my circumstances wouldn’t allow the change and so I lost him, yet I don’t regret it.  That makes me wonder if perhaps I’m more in love with the idea of him than the actual person.

What makes love?  What fuels passion?  Over to you dear readers… or well reader,  😉  what are your experiences? Let’s talk about this…


One thought on “in Love…

  1. I think love doesn’t have one definition,it is subjective. I also think that friendship is a very good basis for love. Some would argue that I do not love my partner because I am not very physically passionate with him but anyone who knows us can see how much I love him.

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