Dr Who (Contains Spoilers)

The reasons I still watch Dr Who….

  1. Clara Oswald isn’t a bad companion.
  2. Stories are sometimes okay.
  3. It’s Dr Who….

Reason why I’ll stop watching…

1. Peter Capaldi.

I just can’t bring myself to like him as the Doctor.   People keep telling me that the more I see of him the more I’ll come around.  The actor is talented, I’m not dismissing that but for me (and a few others that lurk around in dark corners on the Internet) he just isn’t the Doctor.

So please stop telling me I’m not a loyal fan.  Stop telling me I’ll like him.  Stop telling me my opinion is invalid and for heaven’s sake stop telling me I must only be a Matt Smith or David Tennant fan. I wasn’t overly impressed with Matt Smith when he assumed the mantle and I would have liked to have seen Christopher Eccleston in the role for another season before David took over.

For your information my favourite Doctor was Tom Baker, with a special mention for when Peter Cushing took on the character.  Let me guess you’ve never heard that Peter Cushing was the Doctor? What kind of fan are you then? Also, if your next words are ‘well Capadi is a bit like Tom Baker’  I will be forced to hunt you down and spank you.
So I sit down on a Saturday night and look at the TV screen expecting the storytelling to keep me entertained enough to keep watching.  He can’t keep the role forever right? I mean we are going to get another regeneration sooner or later aren’t we?


One thought on “Dr Who (Contains Spoilers)

  1. I wasn’t a big fan of Matt Smith and by the time Mr Ecceleston grew on me, he was very close to beggaring off. Despite what some very narrow minded (when it cones to Dr Who) people say, you do not have to like them all.

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