Love them or hate them interviews are the worst.

The latest one I’ve been on asked me to recap my CV.  Er… you have it in front of you can’t you read?    So anyway I go over some things, and yes I know I’m blabbering but you see you haven’t asked me any questions, you haven’t asked me to elaborate on my experience…. or anything job related.

Also my voice is going.  It would be nice if you’d provided water.

And I know I was invited at short notice but I have researched the role.  I’ve looked at the website, I’ve read articles.  Ask me something, anything…  go on.  At least ask me how my experiences can fit your job profile because I’ve prepared lots of examples using the STAR technique.  You know Situation, Task, Action, Result.

I come away thinking I’ve made a terrible impression but I know I tried.   I’ll use this for experience for the next interview.


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