Started a New Story….

So over on BTTB forum I’ve started a new story.

It doesn’t have my usual characters in so it is a challenge and I only have half a plotline in my head so that will be fun.

Sometimes the writing process is easy and I’m deluged with inspiration and a raging desire to write. Other times I know what I want to write but just can’t get it down on the page.  Then without warning writers block hits me.

I recently finished a story I started in 2011.  Considering that I wrote two 100,000 word stories simultaneously within the space of four months the fact that this took so long was gut-wrenching.  I would go through phrases of getting into the story and then hating it because of its subject matter, because I was trying to fit it in to a definative timeline, filling a four year gap in my other stories.

Pulling my metaphorical finger out I altered the timeline in places so I could reach the end.   The story works in its own way and as I re-read it I know that it isn’t that bad although there are some scenes that were rushed.

My other ongoing story is currently at 30 chapters and I’ve just killed off four main characters (or have I?) and comes in at around 65,000 words.  I know where it’s going and what will happen in the end and I have sequels planned but its at the stage where its just hard to envision actually reaching the end.

I also want to expand and write other stuff. Write publishable stuff.  I feel that I’m at a crossroads now and I need to decide what kind of author I’m going to be.   Maybe when life gets more settled I’ll be able to give my work the focus it needs.


One thought on “Started a New Story….

  1. I write in fits and starts and can never seem to sit still long enough to write any decent length in one sitting.

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