Writer Wednesday – 04/11/15

This is an important point for anyone thinking of writing.

Shelli Rosewarne

Hi all,

Well, it’s Wednesday – hump day to some – and I thought I’d share with you some writerly thoughts that have been brought up during the week. The other day I ended up in a Facebook ‘debate’ with someone. I know, I know, I shouldn’t bite, especially when it was obvious from the start that we were never going to come around to each others points of views, but there you go, I got sucked in!

Anyway, while I did eventually walk away from it, some of the points did get me thinking. This person is also a writer and gave a me a rather long and ranty ‘history lesson’ on the beginnings of novel publishing, when books were published without the influence of reviews, bestseller lists, and reader feedback, before authors were ‘accessible’ through things like social media. Their point was that the authors then wrote what…

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