50 Shades of How it Actually should Happen

Christian Grey walked slowly up to Ana, making sure her eyes had caught sight of his sexy come to bed with me swagger.
“Ana, it’s time,” he murmured looking up and down her body like he already owned it.
She bit her lip as she looked at him, not realising that it wasn’t sexy or cute but made her in fact look slightly deranged.
“Time?” She stuttered the question as his expensive aftershave reached her nostrils and began to make her feel quite drunk.
“For me to show you that you belong to me…” he drawled in a sexy-husky voice that made her want to offer him a cough sweet for sore throats. “I want to bed you Ana and …”
“Wow…” she whispered interrupting him. She was leaning close to him simply because his aftershave was making her dizzy. “Wasn’t aware that you had brain damage. Perhaps you should get your medulla oblangata scanned because I sure as heck don’t belong to anyone.”
Christian recoiled like she’d slapped him and Ana smiled especially when he got the message and walked away leaving her to fantasise about Edward Cullen, her ‘real’ boyfriend.


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