Background Image…

So I’m trying out a new look for the blog and I’ve selected a picture I took last November for the background image.  I’m including it here so you could see it more fully.


2014-10-30 12.29.26

The picture was a quick snap taken in Cambridge, the building behind is  a Victorian school building but what I was trying to capture was the blossom on the tree.  Remember, I took the picture in November.

This year there have been record temperatures recorded, we don’t get much summer in this country but by the same token our winters aren’t as bad as people assume they are.   Maybe that is why when we do get those cold snaps they appear to come out of no-where and shock us into cold induced paralysis!

Those people that deny that there is anything going on with the Climate only really has to look outside their windows to see the proof… Blossom on trees in November… if that isn’t proof I don’t know what is…



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