What ya’ watching…..

I watch a lot of TV shows but I have the gift of being able to dip in and out of them at will, like picking up a book I haven’t read for a while.  Once I like a show I become a dedicated viewer and fan…. sometimes very vocal and active in the fandom but other times I just enjoy watching the show.

So in order then the shows I watch are following:




Blood and Oil

Blue Bloods



Chicago Fire

Choosing Life

Criminal Minds

Crossing Lines

CSI: Cyber

Dark Matter

Death in Paradise

Dr Who

Game of Thrones

Good Witch

Hawaii 5 0

Law and Order:SVU

Major Crimes

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries




NCIS: New Orleans


Pretty Little Liars


Rizzoli and Isles





The Big Bang Theory

The Doctor Blake Mysteries

The Flash

The Last Ship

The Librarians

The Royals

The Strain

The Walking Dead

The Vampire Diaries


Z Nation


Luckily they all have different air times and schedules and series lengths. They are multi-genre.  The Royals and Blood and Oil are pure escapist fiction as is Nashville; following these are a few drama entries such as Poldark.  The rest are a blend of horror, science fiction, and crime.  You’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of British shows on the list, not that we don’t do equally good drama this side of the ‘pond’ just that more money is spent in the States on production.

In conjunction a variety of UK produced drama that I’ve been watching has either reached conclusions or been cancelled.  Downton Abbey, Ripper Street, Strike Back, Silk or New Tricks.  Lewis is another one.

The downside of being a writer is that there are so many instances where you watch something and you know the episode could have been better if they just tightened the dialogue here or added some exposition there.

A classic example is in Downton Abbey  when Lord Grantham’s dog became sick.   There was an exchange between Lord and Lady Grantham on the fate of the dog, a mention later on about the Vet’s visit then we see the main character mourning the dog’s death.  When this aired a lot of viewers were wondering why this was of importance even speculating that the dog was killed off because it was named ‘Isis’ (named after the Egyptian god and not the other thing called Isis!).

Then we see Lord Grantham ordering a grave marker for the dog only to be revealed in the next episode that he in fact created a memorial for Archie, Mrs Patmore’s nephew who also died in the war but because he was executed he was not allowed to be included on a war memorial.

The set up of the plot line was good but after the memorial was revealed to Mrs Patmore a couple more lines of dialogue would have explained the who plot to the viewers rather than leave more than a few wondering why the dog had suddenly become a vital member of the cast.

So what shows do you watch? What ones can you not miss?  Add a comment below and let me know if I’m missing anything good…


One thought on “What ya’ watching…..

  1. Like you I can generally dip in and out of programmes. You might enjoy Person of Interest.

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