Author Apryl Baker

So I promised this ages ago but I got busy and didn’t get around to it.   (Sorry!)

I’d like to introduce author Apryl Baker author of nine books that include both ‘Ghost Files’ and ‘Touch me Not’ both of which I’ve read and reviewed on various sites.


I read both books in one sitting.  There were places where the writing wasn’t as good as in others, but the ideas behind the story and the crafting of the characters more than made up for that and you could tell that she loves both writing and respects her readership.   By that I’m not insulting the author, it’s clear to see how with each book she improves  and puts her focus into producing thrilling stories for her audience.

In the ‘Ghost Files’ she introduces us to Mattie Hathaway,  a young girl who can see ghosts.  We know she’s a teenager and struggling with all the normal teenage girl things as well as solving a mystery and satisfying the various ghost who pop up around her.   Some reviewers have commented that Ms. Baker has focused on the relationship aspect too much and it’s easy to see where this criticism comes from.  Put aside pre-conceived ideas though because this book is the start of the series and as I’ve already mentioned her writing is going from strength to strength meaning that her books are more than worth reading.

After buying ‘Ghost Files’ I started following Apryl on Facebook  (okay, more like stalking!) and learned about ‘Touch Me Not’, the first of a new trilogy from her.   Signing up for the ARC (Advance Readers Copy) I received the e-book and devoured it.

This wasn’t the normal type of book that I’d look to buy despite the vast selection of genres I read and a page in I wasn’t overly fond of the main hero character, Nikoli, he came off as arrogant and conceited.   But this is the beauty of Apryl’s writing because you weren’t expected to like him straight away,  in the same way that Lily, the heroine, doesn’t.  Less then halfway through the book and you’re routing for them. By the end you know if Nikoli and Lily don’t end up together you are going to hunt Apryl down and make her re-write it so they do!

I haven’t read much more of Apryl’s work but I intend to.  She’s one of those authors you are going to want to boast that you discovered her back when…

If you want to check her out and I promise that if you do you won’t be disappointed, then the click on the following links:

Amazon Author Page:



Ladies and Gentlemen I present Apryl Baker…



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