Heaven Sent? Return to Sender more like… (Spoilers included)

So I’ve been scathing about Dr Who lately.

A lot really.

But it’s hard to accept that a show you are a fan off can be so … anti-climatic.

Okay, so I hate Peter Capaldi in the role I think we all realise that by now.  He just isn’t the Doctor and I am getting so fed up with people telling me I’m wrong. It’s my opinion folks, you like him – then that is your opinion… deal with it.

Saturday’s episode, ‘Heaven Sent’ saw Peter Capaldi having out of body experiences, talking to himself in the guise of a dead Clara and punching through something harder than diamonds.

Obviously in order to get to the bit where he could punch through this wall he first had to leave himself clues and then solve his own clues.  Confused yet? Not forgetting that this apparently took him millions of years and several thousand deaths.  Luckily he was able to use the transporter to bring back a version of himself so that when he died he also lived.

So why didn’t he leave himself the clue of creating some explosive compound that would help get through the wall?

Why did he have to punch a hole big enough for an elephant to get through?

And then we got the thing that Moffat has been leading up to all season. His destination. Not so much a surprise with the amount of hints that Moffat has been dropping in all of his interviews lately!

And it turns out that he’s been in his own confession disc all along! How amazing was that.. especially as it ties in nicely with the beginning episode.  How’s that for amazing continuity?  And of course some of that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

So there he is, in the middle of a desert standing looking around and then from out of nowhere a young kid comes and stands next to him.  Convenient or what? So all full of vengeance for Clara and full of pent up feelings he turns to the boy and tells him to go off and tell them he’s coming!!

Er, he who?   Does the boy ask who he is or who he’s supposed to tell? Or does he just run off? Is the boy some kind of lookout?

It’s all nicely set for the finale next week when we’ll get the answers to all those pesky questions … such as why am I still watching this?  Will Moffat quit anytime soon? How can anyone watch this and think it’s good TV?



4 thoughts on “Heaven Sent? Return to Sender more like… (Spoilers included)

  1. I must admit that I am surprised that you are still watching it since I am well aware that you do not find pleasure in it anymore. You are of course entitled to your opinion and anyone who tells you that you are wrong is being misguided at best. I like Capaldi, for me he is a return to Hartnell and the harder Doctor but having said that, I can see why a lot of people are struggling with him. As to how anyone can watch it and think it is good TV? What is classed as good TV is as subjective as who is your favourite Doctor and therefore some will think it is good TV and some won’t.You can’t please everyone all of the time.

    1. Some people say he is like Hartnell and others say he is like Tom Baker. The problem with that is he isn’t being his ‘own’ doctor. I find him abrasive when he does his angry face and rants.

      I keep watching because it’s Dr Who.

      Good TV is watching something and you feel emotional, entertained, enlightened. Good TV tells a story. This doesn’t. In the episode ‘Sleep No More’ by Mark Gatiss no less, there were so many plot holes that I was sitting here gasping at it. So their answer was to let the space station/craft crash into the planet below? And they didn’t do anything about all the other sleep pods that were being used? And.. and…and… We were supposed to be scared by the episode, the creepy pod floating around the station, the darkness of the set, the idea that something scary could come from our sleep and yet it was just let down by the loose ends. Why did the Doctor and Clara even end up there?

      Done right that episode could have provided a Dr Who baddie to rival the Weeping Angels.

      There were people shocked by the end of Heaven Sent, when the Doctor’s destination was finally revealed but anyone who read an interview by Moffat at the beginning of the week knew it already! Why? Because he harped back to the 50th Anniversary Special. You don’t do that unless you want the viewer to be reminded of something so that they can ‘recap’. Plus the whole season has been leading up to it in one way or another.

      I’m not a Sci Fi writer, it’s not my genre but it is getting to the point where I feel I could write a better story than what we’ve been seeing on our screens.

  2. You probably could. I was not too happy with a lot of the plots for the first Capaldi series. I did not feel that they catered to his strengths.

  3. They shouldn’t cater to the actor though, (which I feel was a major thing in ‘Heaven Sent’, the script being written for Capaldi’s dramatic approach), more the actor should make the scripts believable, should make us believe in him as the character. First season he was quirky, feeling his way and then this season it is almost, – almost – , like he is over-the-top dramatic.

    Let’s see what next week’s episode is like… perhaps we should be online at the time and live debate it? 😛

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