The Vampire Diaries

Season 7. 

I don’t just get it.

I’m trying to follow the time jump of 3 years but there isn’t enough detail about what is happening in 3 years to give you a narrative even when you’ve untangled all the new relationships between the main characters.

Meanwhile Elena is languishing in a coma and can only wake up if Bonnie dies.   Which she totally doesn’t have a track record of doing.

This plot point puzzles me because how many times has Elena been about to die? Klaus alone, was planning to kill her many times and everyone came up with scheme after scheme to keep her alive and now they just let her slumber in the coffin?  Does that make sense?

Then you have the Heretics, powerful witch-vampires who couldn’t figure out how to escape a prison world even though they can wipe out a town in five minutes?  So how are our desperate crew going to combat this threat?

Apparently by not talking to each other or coming up with a plan.

That always works right?

There were major qualms about the show managing to carry on after one of the main characters has left the show and by giving it a time jump as one of the main plot points it has focused the audience on the remaining cast.

Still, if you have un-likeable characters, Julian for example, and you add in an unexplained time jump, plus no sign that you are even looking to solve the Elena problem then you are going to lose viewers.  Pretty sure that I’m going to be one of them.




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