Introducing Andrea Murray

Andrea is the author of YA paranormal and Science Fiction novels. Her current book is called Contra and is book two of the ‘Omni Duology’. Omni is a dystopian novel based on the love story of Paris and Helen from Greek mythology featuring a couple who will do anything to stay together amongst the chaos of a fractured world.

Since taking over the US government, the Omni party has created a perfect existence where each citizen has a specific role in one of the four strata. Enter Pierce who has dreams of leaving the strata he’s in. When circumstances bring him and Harmony together forcing the couple to fight against the system.  In Contra they have to find a way back to one another when the Omni government would do anything to stop them.



Dystopian fiction (sometimes combined with, but distinct from apocalyptic literature) is the opposite: creation of an utterly horrible or degraded society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion, or dystopia.

Andrea has four previous publication, all with Booktrope. The Vivid Trilogy (Vivid, Vicious, and Vengeance) is a paranormal romance with a strong female protagonist, think super-hero!


All of her books can found on Amazon and are worth getting for the covers alone!

Contra is out now!


Andrea is currently working on what she believes will be a ghost story but she isn’t quite sure yet!  🙂

To contact her you can check out her website:
Or twitter:
Or even her Facebook profile:



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