Alexandra Moore

Who is Alexandra Moore?

Alexandra  Moore is 21 years old and currently resides with her family and the family dogs: Athena and Tank. She is an RA warrior, so she spends all her time either sleeping, eating, watching Game of Thrones (while dreaming of becoming the Mother of Dragons) and Grey’s Anatomy (while crying over MerDer feels) and when she isn’t writing (a rare occurrence) she is either spending time with her best friend, her boyfriend, family, or hosting her weekly NaNoWriMo writing group. She wishes to one day be able to live alone completely on her writer’s salary while having a farm where she will rescue retired race Greyhounds, English and French Bulldogs, Hedgehogs, Munchkin and Ragdoll cats and other animals she will most likely be allergic to.

What is the title of her book?

Exit Wound

(and is described as New Adult-slash-Suspense-slash-Thriller available from Limitless Publishing.)

During a catch up with Alexandra Moore she answered a few questions for me about her fabulous release!

What is your book about?

It’s about Bea Morrison, an eighteen year old girl who has lost her best friend, has a neglectful alcoholic for a mother—and a rockstar brother she hasn’t seen in six years. They reunite, and go on a summer adventure filled with drama from her past, along with plenty of fresh drama to drive her mad.

Who are your main characters?

Frances Bea Morrison, who mainly goes by Bea, her brother Benjamin Morrison, and Splinter Nightingale.

What will draw us into liking/loving them?

Bea is very vivacious and sassy—she seems like someone you’d hate at first, but she has a killer right hook and she has a whole lot of heart when it comes to her brother.  Her and her brother grew up with only each other to keep them safe—so they’re naturally very close, yet they are rediscovering each other again, and that comes with it’s ups and downs. Splinter knew Bea in high school, and they hate each other up until the end. As the summer goes on, they grow closer.

Is there one character you like in particular? Why?

Yes, it’s the sixth chapter I believe. I like it so much because it show’s Bea’s full range of emotions when she becomes helpless and alone. You can see her unravelling as the time ticks by, waiting for answers and her heartbreak and devastation at the end. You can see she’s human with these human flaws and emotions—and that’s when I knew she was real to me.

exit wound 1


Exit Wound is available in Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble’s online store.

Buy your copy today!



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