☘ Maggie’s Marriage by Gloria Herrmann ☘

☘ Maggie’s Marriage by Gloria Herrmann ☘

Marriage is hard work, but no one ever told her just how hard. How did life end up so completely turned upside down? Maggie Trembley didn’t sign up for this, this was not the life she had imagined when she had left all of her family behind in Birch Valley more than six years ago.
Falling in love and meeting Michael Trembley had been the easy part, but being the wife of an attorney who was never home, raising their six year old daughter pretty much single handedly, and learning she was now pregnant was a entirely a different story. All she wanted to do was flee Seattle and go back home. Missing her loud and over loving family, the O’Briens’, when Maggie hits her limit, taking her daughter and leaving Michael, she can’t think of anywhere else she’d rather be. Only one thing was missing, her husband.
Michael Trembley wanted to be the best, he had always strived for success. Be the best corporate defense attorney, be the best son, dad, and husband. Only the last two fell short of his list of priorities, now that his perfect world was anything but. Would Michael being able to let go of his drive to succeed at all costs and see that what was really important, that it had been right in front of him all along?
The road through the journey of life is full of twists and turns, but will Maggie and Michael survive this bump in the road?
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Susan Scott PA's photo.
Susan Scott PA's photo.
Susan Scott PA's photo.


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